Sunday, December 09, 2007

New Chicago People

I have found two new good people in Chicago recently.

  • Chris Collins
    Chris work primarily with the Internet and technology. Here is a piece of his that was recently featured at VVORK: "Tribute to Nam June Paik (w/ Default Apple Screensaver)", 2007.

  • Dain Oh
    I recently saw Dain's realtime performance at En3my here in Chicago. It made me think her computer had synesthesia. It was nice and simple display of sentiment. I think there are some videos running around of the performance, but I don't know where right now.
    Dain understands Occam's Razor.


I also forgot, that Rowynn Michelle has started a blog. She is not new, that is that I have known her for a while now. but now she is online. Rowynn does Voodoo anthropology in Hatti, and is working now on a show about alchemy and magic for the Meat Factory Gallery in Prague. Row knows where real magic is.