Monday, March 03, 2008


The "29th February" was a show part of this. Curated by Sara Weis

It was pretty cool, I didn't really get to talk to the curator much because alot of things were running behind and she seemed kind of stressed out. But she was very nice when I did get her sit and talk for a few minutes. Some of Rafael Rozendaal's flash works were not working on the computer too. Mai Ueda described Neen as a strawberry fart (or something close to that). Daniel Roe came and he was really happy because the space for the show reminded him of New York City. It is nice to have a properly run independent gallery in downtown Chicago. Ithink it was one of the better shows that I have been to here...

Here are some pictures.

"Video game green" color for the carpet

The set-up

A series of razzle dazzle tubes.

A poster made for the show by Nikola Tosic

A tree floating in a box

"Watercouleur Park", by Qubo Gas with a virus scan running over top of it

A demo of, by Sinem Erkas

A demo of Stripper2, by Mai Ueda

Skype chat with Angelo Plessas

Nikola reads some poetry

Dan Roe tips the bar with Indian currency

The Neen Manifesto folded into a paper airplane

Sophie paints a picture, and fails it. twice

The aftermath of another performance

Dain Oh and Dan Roe