Saturday, December 11, 2010

Chicago tonight

If you are in Chicago tonight, check out this screening curated by Theodore Darst for Select Media Festival 9.

"6pm - 9pm / Free / Meet the Presenters / Co-Prosperity

Sphere / 3219 S Morgan Street

Pechu Kucha-toids, 20 X 20-ers, video curators, powerpointers, and Tour Guides of reknown explain their work in a simple lecture presentation format and screening.

Please note that the Infoporn II show will be open for viewing from 2pm to 9pm.

Nick Fraccaro
Jerry Boyle
Paul Durica

Infoporn Video program Starts at 8pm.

Work By:
Nicholas O'brien
Nate Hitchcock
Alexandra Herrera
Evan Meaney
Artie Vierkant
Andy Faulkner
Chelsey Hoff
Antonio Roberts

Curated by Theodore Darst"