Saturday, April 03, 2010


DomeAFavor is started by Miltos Manetas. It is a Facebook group for friends only created to destroy the fiction of money between us and our friends.

Miltos equivocated it to giving a cigarette away at a party. I like this :)

You should look it up if you are our friends!

Theory: "This Page is about using Facebook to start removing the strongest piece of fiction that is fucking with our life: the fiction of Money.
Money doesn't exist: its an abstract concept, we need to remove its burden from our life.
Not in a global scale but here, between us in Facebook.

Here is how we"ll do it:
-in this page we will be posting Favors that we want to happen to us and favors we each of us is offering offering.
Between Favors offered should be Favors that collect money.
Example "I am offering this house"
or "I am offering this bicycle"
or "I am offering this service" for any amount of money (the amount is not important, that's the whole concept)

The money collected will go to a PayPal account. Anyone who signs as a Fun of this page, will be given Administrator's privileges. Anyone but not all: Only the people we know. The people who are our "Friends". This concept is based on this supposed Friendship. We don't care for strangers, not at this Page.
Now, here is the Good Part: Anyone who is an Administrator, will also have access to the Money Collected. That means that anyone of us can take any amount desires from that Money at any moment.

When someone takes Money, that will appear on the Page. If he takes it without unnecessarily, if he/she doesn't need that money, its fine for the rest of us. We don't care, it isn't important, its just money and money means nothing.

Exempt that it IS important. Its important exactly for the reputation of whoever takes the Money. The "friend" of us who will be taking money unnecessarily, will appear to us (and to himself) as an asshole. That should be enough to stop people from abusing the collected amount.
We can trust this system now that finally we start forgetting Democracy (which is a Fiction exactly like Money), now that we just care to stay on the top of Faceboocracy."