Monday, November 16, 2009

Some videos

I want to watch more videos lately since its recently been brought to my attention that I doin't watch enough.. please send me good videos :)

meditation staring into my screensaver, another awesome piece by Arend deGruyter-Helfer, 2009.

It looks better on the site here.

Arms like... Hands like.. No Fingers, by Mores McWreath, 2009.

( Island ), by Dain Oh, 2009.

3pm006, by Magdalina Fernandez, 2006.

I like this one more after seeing Arend's curtains screensaver.

Electronic Moon #2, by Name Junne Paik & Jud Yalkut, 1969.

lionking (leap of faith), lion king improvisationally re-scored.
Chris Collins, Sean Braemer, Kyle Raum, Jon Mose, 2009.

Pirat, by Annika Larrson, 2006.

please send me videos :D