Friday, October 30, 2009

Untitled Apartment for Something New

Untitled Apartment will be an exhibition made for Something New. It will feature works by Duncan Malashock, Mitch Trale, Arend deGruyter-Helfer, Dain Oh and Nate Hitchcock.
The works will be installed in Dain's apartment downtown Chicago. Additional decoration will be provided by IT2TS.

12am -10pm, 11/11/09

8 w monroe apartment # 1100, chicago, il 60603 (there is security at the entrance of the building so please call +1 (312) 479-2411 when you are downstairs, or email or with the time you will be stopping by)

You can also take a tour of all of the works in Something New for only $2 (to be used toward gas). The van project is run by Jordan Rhoat and WELIVENY$LA.
Contact for the bus tour: , and 814-215-0304.

Untitled Apartment is organized by It Takes 2 To Stereo

Something New is organized by Nikola Tosic and Sarah Weis