Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What We Know, an Exhibition of Neen Works

A show that I am making next month.

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago is pleased to announce, “What We Know, An
Exhibition Of Neen Works,” curated by Nate Hitchcock. Featuring: interactive websites by Angelo Plessas and Rafael Rozendaal, a Youtube conversation by Miltos Manetas and a Skype Poetry reading and posters by Nikola Tosic. Additional decorations will be provided by Nate Hitchcock, including the first of the “Wireless Manetas” painting series.

Neen was discovered in 1999 by Miltos Manetas and his friends. Commissioned by
Miltos Manetas and Yvonne Force of Art Production Fund, a computer at Lexicon Branding Corp. gave the name of Neen to a new generation of artists. The name was announced by a Sony Viao at a crowded Gagosian Gallery in New York. Since then Neen has gained world recognition as a leading art movement of the 21st century.
( www.neen.org )

Miltos Manetas was the first artist to paint cables on a large scale, and was the first artist to place a video game screen grab in a gallery space. Two of his “Internet Paintings” have recently become a part of the Charles Saatchi collection and his seminal website “Jacksonpollock.org” was voted one of the top 50 coolest websites of all time, by TIME Magazine. His work in this exhibition is titled “Existential Computing” It is his way of introducing a conversation with the world. It is about our new life with our technologies. The viewer is invited to respond to the piece via Youtube.
( www.manetas.com )

Angelo Plessas is a Neenstar and the founder of the Angelo Foundation. This means
he is a star of Neen. Angelo Plessas has shown all over the world at many highly respected venues. These include: Fargfabriken in Stockholm, Blow de la Barra gallery in London, The Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens, the 3rd Valencia Biennale and has received the 2009 Rhizome grant for his new website, ElectricityComesFromAnotherPlanet.com. In 2003, Miltos Manetas wrote about Angelo Plessas, “As it happens with any new Modus Operandi, only very few creators have the courage and the determination to use Flash Animation in order to create important art and Angelo Plessas is one of those few.” Plessas' works in this exhibition
consist of interactive portraits in the form of websites. They are of different types of characters that can inhabit our screens. Through interaction with them we may discover new things about ourselves and about them.
( www.angeloplessas.com )

Rafael Rozendaal is also a Neenstar. Rafael Rozendaal has shown his works many
different places including, Deitch in New York, Casco in Utrecht, Hayward Gallery in London and the New Museum in New York. Rozendaal's will be showing several landscape websites created in Flash. His works are creative and emotional portrayals of digital culture, reminiscent of old Romantic masterworks.
( www.newrafael.com )

Nikola Tosic is a poet and Neenstar. His poetry is brilliantly honest in an age where
stupid humor permeates everything online. His use of simplicity in writing and publication mimics, destroys and recreates all known forms of Internet convention. Tosic's works in this exhibition will be a specially commissioned poster about the rules of the computer lab. He will also be performing a reading of his poetry via Skype.
( www.tosic.com )

The Angelo Foundation is an organization founded by Angelo Plessas. Its main
purpose of existence is to promote contemporary ideas and future forward thinking in the fields of art, culture and computing. The Angelo Foundation is against copyright and intellectual property.
( www.theangelofoundation.com )

The exhibition is to take place at 112 South Michigan Avenue at The School of the Art Institute of
Rooms 415 and 417, on the date of October, 10th, 2008, from six p.m. until nine p.m.
For more information, please contact Nate Hitchcock at +1 (254) 214- 9369, or