Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Second Life Exhibition

So I went to view art work today on Second Life for the first time. I don't use SL too much because I have slow computer right now.. But this show seemed to be advertised alot, so I thought that I would visit it and maybe take some pictures.
I found the show here at Lowstandart. Here is the link from Select Parks. The artist's name is Tommy Støckel, though I don't know his second life name. The show is titled Boom Pearls.

I'm not so convinced by the work in general. It seems that if you are going to work on a computer and you can start from zero, so to speak, maybe making things look like found objects isn't the best approach. Anyhow, the pictures are below.

Flying over the exhibition site.

A Close-up.

The sign for the show.